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Graham.[_5_] Yesterday 01:31 PM
[email protected] Wrote in message: On Sunday, 12 January 2020 21:00:43 UTC, Richmond wrote: When I have used VOIP, or skype etc I've found time delays of a second or so. These cause people to interrupt each other. They also occur on mobiles to some extent. I think the landline will never die. Is there VOIP without delays? does it require a dedicated network? I have...
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Graham.[_5_] Yesterday 01:31 PM
The only thing they've messed with that I'm not keen on is the layout of the website/control panel, but I don't use that often. -- Ria in Aberdeen The "Fisher-Price" graphical interface strikes again. -- __
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Graham.[_5_] Yesterday 07:31 AM
Woody [email protected] Wrote in message: On Sun 24/02/2019 15:43, Graham. wrote: CSipSimple seems to have gone AWOL from the play-store, is there another way of obtaining it? You could try Sipdroid or Zoiper, but I would agree CSipSimple is probably the best - and I can't find it in GPS either. Thereagain it is already on my phone and still works.
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Andy Burns[_5_] January 22nd 20 02:16 PM
Just upgraded HH5a to openwrt 19.07 it includes newer LTS kernel should supported until 2024, also newer Luci runs scripts client-side than on router, supposed to speed up GUI, but not very noticeable. After the upgrade, all working for VDSL/ethernet/wifi I reinstalled my "usual" modules required for 4G support, initially I forgot to reboot after installing them, and the GUI didn't...
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tim... January 8th 20 07:48 PM
For the past three weeks I have suffered continual episodes of "no internet" for several minutes at a time, but with access to my news server, so it's not the line that at fault. Are other people suffering from this? I lived with it over Christmas as I gave them the benefit of the doubt having people on holiday etc. But it's still happening.
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Java Jive December 21st 19 05:46 PM
In uk.tech.digital-tv in subject "This ere large outage in London" on 20/12/2019 17:16, Brian Gaff (Sofa 2) wrote: It seems not only Virgin were affected, many other broadband suppliers, but not Sky, it seems have been off for nearly two days since the jcb cut the cable in New Malden. So is New Malden somehow some large data hub for many companies or are they all piggy backing on the...
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Theo[_2_] December 18th 19 02:15 PM
BT Phone Residential Phone Tariff: https://www.bt.com/assets/pdf/BT_PhoneTariff_Residential.pdf "BT Home Hub We'll supply a BT Home Hub to all customers taking BT Broadband, Superfast Fibre or Fibre 100/ 250 where the package includes it, or a new Hub is required for the service to work. This may be a new or reconditioned hub. BT customers who joined before 13.12.19, who request a replacement...
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R. Mark Clayton[_2_] September 5th 19 04:57 PM
https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/uk-world-news/yahoo-bt-down-email-working-3287154 When oh when are BT going to dump these idiots - it was promised nearly ten years ago. Today any mail received between ~07:15 and 14:00 has just vanished into hyperspace, with little hope of recovering it. It doesn't show in Outlook, other devices nor even web mail :-( PS it hit lots of other ISP's...
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Woody May 8th 19 10:00 PM
I have two ATA's, one is a Linksys PAP2T and the other a Cisco SPA2102. Apart from a different web interface structure the units are essentially identical save the PAP2T does not have an internal router. The SPA2102 is set up for a Sipgate number and as there is credit on the account I can make and receive calls without problem. The PAP2T is set up for a different Sipgate number that my late...
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hoangmao300 January 2nd 19 05:35 AM
Just for fun During my sophomore year of high school, we were doing silent work and the history mentor of mine said that we might pay attention to music but if it was too noisy he would "break our headphones." so I am doing my business quietly with the music of mine on low, and this particular obnoxious child sitting next to me had the music of his really loud. I could hear it over the music of...
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