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Default PlusNet Rationing MACs ?

Leaving PlusNet wrote:
I applied for my MAC from PlusNet on Wednesday morning, but as yet (
11.55 am) I've not had any contact from PlusNet in response. I've
posted a message on their customer feedback forum but there has been
no response from PlusNet or forum moderators.
I've seen messages from other PN customers saying they recieved thier
MACs within a couple of hours of their request.
No doubt Plusnet are very busy dealing with the numerous MAC
requests, but they've upset many customers with their Usenet policies
so shouldn't be surprised by the volume of requests.
I even updated my contact details to include my mobile number in hope
this might speed things up. PlusNet can contact me by phone, fax,
email and mobile, but some 74 hours after my MAC request they still
have done none of these.

Most probably snowed under by the demand...

I remember some comments in this forum from Tiscali members
suggesting that Tiscali was rationing MACs some time ago, I wonder if
rationing MACs is PlusNet's latest dirty trick.

Tiscali don't support migration (yet?) hence the absnce of MAC's & who
am I to comment about PN dirty tricks (they still haven't stooped to the
level of my last 2 ISP's...yet)..