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Default Belkin Wireless Pre-N Router - variable wireless signal

On 19 Jan 2006 08:49:33 -0800, "Tim"

Model F5D8230. Anyone else have a problem with the wireless signal
varying in strength? Nothing to do with walls in the way - happens when
laptop is sitting right next to the router.

I encountered a similar condition, though not with rx and tx side by
side, with a Belkin wireless access point, F5D7130UK connected to a
single port router (voyager 205) using BT Broadband. Signal strength
varied from -50db to -65db during the day and -60db to -75db during
the evening, monitored on a Belkin PC Network card by Belkin's
Wireless Configuration Utility - Link Status option.

I changed ISP and the router exhibited a disconnection problem. After
much pd on the disconnects, and in desperation, I purchased a Netgear
DG834G wireless router. That fixed the disconnects, and made the
Belkin access point redundant. The rx signal from the Netgear varies
less. It is currently, varying from -42db to -46db. The router is in
*exactly* the same position as the Belkin Access point was, and the PC
is in the same location.

I wish I knew how to measure the tx power on these two bits of kit
because one of them has a problem!