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Default Belkin Wireless Pre-N Router - variable wireless signal

phantom wrote:
"Tim" wrote in message
Model F5D8230. Anyone else have a problem with the wireless signal
varying in strength? Nothing to do with walls in the way - happens when
laptop is sitting right next to the router.

What wifi are you using in the laptop?

My setup was fine until I bought a new laptop! - the new laptop has standard
802.11g inside it (the old ones have the belkin pre-n pcmcia cards), and I'm
wondering if, for some silly reason, the router has a problem with the
mix... It does seem to go away when I turn off the inbuilt wireless and use
a pre-n card instead.

unfortunately, mixed into this I have updated the routers firmware and toyed
with BurstACK amongst other settings, so I'm not too sure.

The laptop has 802.11g but I don't think that's the problem - the
router was bundled with a PCI adaptor (now in my son's PC) and that has
the same problem (without trying to use the laptop at the same time).