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Default Belkin Wireless Pre-N Router - variable wireless signal

phantom wrote:

The thing you have to remember with WiFi is that it uses the unlicensed
2.4GHz band - so basically any piece of kit can use that spectrum,
without regard to what interference it causes to other users of the band.
So, Bluetooth, WiFi, wireless video cameras, microwave ovens and other
"Industrial, Scientific and Medical" users are in that space, and may be
the cause of what you describe. You could try changing channels, or using
directional antennae to eliminate interference.

DECT telephones too IIRC... although with pre-n mimo technology, this
*shouldn't* be a problem - its always operating on two channels and
actively searches out the best ones available.

Nope, DECT is a different band. If your DECT phones affect your Wifi, you
have faulty kit.

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