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Default Grandstream ATA and 1899

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news In message of Sat, 28 May 2005, AlexDeag writes
Has anyone got them to work?

Not for a week now.


What do you get? I keep getting it disconnecting when it answers,
but then I have never got it to work.

It worked perfectly for me from the time VoIP was introduced by 1899
(using Grandstream ATA-486). Then just over a week ago they said they
were going to withdraw support for SIP devices. Then they changed
their mind because they found extra capacity.

From that day I have not been able to use 1899ViOP with my ATA-486. I
can make a call (I try it to my landline) and the phone rings and
caller display shows up. But I don't get the 1899 announcement on
the calling phone and no ringing tones.

When my land line stops ringing (it should then go to Call minder) I
get the beep-beep-beep sound.

I've tried changing the ATA settings all over the place, but I can't
get it working. Funny though that it all works OK with 18866VoIP.


I get the same thing with both 18866 and 1899, beep-beep-beep.

Are you using a Grandstream ATA-486? If so, I'll let you know the settings
I'm using.


I am using the 286 but the web interface is pretty similar according to the
Grandstream web site.