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Default Sipgate down? 06/06/05

"JGN" wrote in message

"JGN" wrote in message
Hello all,

Seem to be spending rather more time here than I had imagined, wehn I
bought the phone. Thing is, I have time on my hands as Sipgate seems to
be down and there is no network icon in the BT101 telephone. I have
rebooted the router and still nothing - so it is nice to pass the time of
day with you lot :-) Anybody else having problems tonight? (1900Z)

Best regards,


I think one credible improvement that could be made, is a better
indication of network status on the Sipgate web page with a facility to
enter problems as they arise. Dexter has kindly let me know that all is
well at his end, so if the Sipgate engineers do not have an up to date
picture of what is happening and where, (maybe they do) then it might help
give them the info to improve the service. I have sent an email and that
is not a bad move I suppose, as they are unlikely to be able to call me.

Still up the creek at 1932Z.

thanks Dexter!


Interesting!!!! Immediately after sending the last message and having
rebooted the router. I pulle dthe power on the BodgeTune100 and Lo! A
network connection appears. Having said that, the time shown is now 2
minutes past midnight... Can't have it all I suppose.... And Yes - I have
tried it and it connects nicely. Anybody else seen this little fiddle?

regards once more - I could call you up now...