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On Sun, 5 Jun 2005 14:58:13 +0100, Motorcyclesaur said...
|Hi Everyone,
|I wonder if anyone can assist me in fixing a setup problem with X-Lite, as I
|believe that something went wrong when I tried to configure it for
|multi-proxy use.
|The facts:
|1. Setup Firewall OK, as instructed by Sipgate Help Pages.
|2. I opened an account with Sipgate, downloaded and installed X-Lite, easily
|configured it, and off I was, on line. All good, test number 10000 worked
|perfectly, I could dial my 020 number from my mobile and manage to have a
|decent quality sound, the voicemail also worked perfectly (quality of
|greeting mesage apart, but that's not important at the moment).
|3. Not satisfied and willing to try another provider, I opened an account
|with Voipfone. They have a ready-to-go installation file, which installs
|X-Lite and automatically configures it. Once done (I didn't care if I lost
|Sipgate as its configuration is pretty easy anyway and could do it manually
|in two minutes) I was able to do the same: call my 056 number from mobile,
|dial the test line 155, etc., no problems at all.
|4. Still not satisfied, I wanted to push it one step forward and get both
|providers to work together. Configured one of them as "Default" in the proxy
|list, and the other as "Proxy 1", but now I am unable to reach my numbers
|and cannot dial neither the 10000 nor the 155 test numbers (error message
|"Call not approved").
|5. Fair enough, I must have done something wrong. Uninstall X-Lite and
|re-install from clean, but the little thing must have littered my pc with
|some configuration files that I can't locate and when I reinstall it the
|configuration is still the same.
|My questions:
|i. Can anyone spot what I have done wrong in the configuration, and the
|reason why the softphone is not working (it logs-in ok, network should not
|be a problem)?
|ii. Where is the configuration and profiles database stored with the Windows
|version of X-Lite? Can I just clean it up and start from scratch?
|iii. Is there another multiple account softphone that you would rate better
|than X-Lite?
|Thank you to anyone who will be able to assist.
1) With the two-proxy configuration, is X-lite showing you are logged
in with both numbers?
2) To choose with which account you are dialling out, you must right-
click on the X-lite form body (not any of the buttons or links) and
choose which provider use for the call.
3) What STUN server are you using? The one suggested in your "Default"
provider configuration?
4) The X-lite settings are all recorded in the Windows Registry. Open
Regedit (click Start, then "Run..." then type 'regedit' in the wee box
and click OK) then press the F3 key and type 'XtenNetworksInc' in the
"Find what" box. Tick just the "Keys" box and untick all others, and
you will get it. Uninstall the software, delete the whole key, - hey,
presto - reinstall as new...

I'm running a "twin provider" X-Lite at the moment, I've even managed
to be engaged in conversation with both numbers in the same time, no
probs. Try to restart from scratch (see point 4) and see.


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