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Default SIP/ATA/Adapter and Quality of Service (QoS)

"Paul D.Smith" wrote in message
Any tech-heads out there? Am I correct in assuming that the correct
for a VoIP/Internet ADSL system is the following?

modem --- VoIP adapter --- router

Not necessarily, it depends on the ATA. Some are designed to plug into an
existing router (eg Sipura SPA-2000). Those that connect directly to a
modem will contain their own router so you should not plug another router
into them, or the two may conflict. You can plug a normal Ethernet switch
in though.

This allows the VoIP adapter to perform QoS processing and effectively
Internet traffic to/from the router to ensure that the quality of the
call is not affected?

Presumably the following...

modem --- router --- VoIP adapter

...can be prone to break up if people start heavy surfing and downloads
whilst you're on the phone.

Yes, this can happen, but only if you're approaching your upload/download

And if this is the case, how come nobody sells a combined
that works like this? The latest Netgear offering is a case in point -
doesn't integrate will with the very popular DG384G(T) models.

Which Netgear "offering" are you referring to..? The TA612V..?

There are devices that combine a modem, router and VoIP adaptor but
they're not common at present. Draytek do one I believe but it's not
cheap..! AVM also have one on the market in Germany but it isn't on sale
in the UK yet, although it should be within a month or so.