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Robin Grayson wrote:
On 10 Jun 2005 16:03:19 -0700, "Joel"

Can someone tell me whether the rates quoted for Voipfone on their web
pages include VAT or not? I'm probably missing the obvious, but I can't
find anywhere where this is stated one way or the other.

On the main page under T&C's it reads:

DISCLAIMER: We can not guarantee that these details will always be
up-to-date or accurate (even when updated). Please check with the
companies themselves for their latest details and for rates to
countries, phones or times that we have not listed. In our search for
cheap phone rates we have attempted to find figures that are accurate
to the nearest 0.5 pence per minute, and include VAT.

Yes, those are MY terms and conditions! And I am indeed attempting to
determine whether the voipfone ( ) rates
include VAT or not. My initial assumption is that they do, but I am
hoping that someone can give me a definitive answer.
Joel Feinstein, Nottingham UK,