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Default 1899 not taking new sign-ups

Thus spaketh Graham:
"Pete" wrote in message
Hi again VoIPers - I appreciate that this is not a VoIP question but
as some of you are certainly using 1899, could you plese tell me how
long it is since they stopped accepting new sign-ups?

I tried to join today and got an email back from them saying the
lists are closed and to wait at least six weeks before re-applying.

Not good enough, I want to use their service NOW!!! :-)))

Well they are cheaper for calls to the US than 18866 (my main service
provider) and I am not aware of anyone else providing 0.5p pricing.

Any thoughts or suggestions will be much appreciated.

Thanks again folk.


When I tried to register in May I got the-

"Due to lack of capacity it is currently not possible to register.
Please wait at least 6 weeks before attempting to register again"

I tried with my Daughters number and it was successful.

I developed the 'theory' that the registration failed because the
line was already signed up to 18866, but I wasn't able to prove this

Register with a mobile and it will work.

My sister never had 18866 or 1899 when she tried to sign up, and 18866 gave
the capacity problem, so wouldn't be due to having another of their services,
think it's due to ensuring they don't have too many people making calls at the
same time from the same area (capacity). Got my sister to register with her
mobile instead first, and was able to sign up to both,