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Paul D.Smith
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Default can't work out how to do it

What is a "VOIP box"? Give make and model number. Does it claim "works
with Skype"? If not, then you're doomed! Skype uses a wholely proprietry
protocol i.e. Skypes only tells select partners how their protocol works, as
a result of which there are very few Skype products.

By comparison, SipGate (and many others) use an open protocol called SIP
(session initiation protocol). This means that a company can build a SIP
box without paying anyone for information about the protocol - because it's
freely available on the web.

So, you would need a "VOIP box" that supports Skype in order to talk to
Skype. If you think yours is, tell us which one and someone may be able to
help. If it's not - sorry but it won't work.

BTW, I mention SipGate purely because it springs to mind. If you decide to
go the SIP route, ask the NG for their opinions on the various SIP

Paul DS.