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Default can't work out how to do it

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Here's my dilemma.

I have broadband and telephone supplied NTL cable.

The phone socket is at one end of the house with no power point anywhere
near - though I do have a phone socket and 240v in the kitchen for the

I run a 4 set cordless setup for phones around the house which means I can
have a phone next to the computer (no phone socket) on which I run SKYPE.

My main household Pc is at the other end of the house - nowhere near a


What I actually want to do - without running phone wires all over the
place - is to have the dect phones make and take Skype calls.

What I did so far was to connect another dect base phone to a VOIP box

RJ11 socket. Despite spending more on different cables than I did on the
phone, I could not nothing to get them to talk to each other so I

gave up. Followed all sorts of advice with no luck. My though process was
that a separate DECT phone - unconnected to the NTL phone line would give

mobility for VOIP calls.
I want to stay with Skype as it's a family thing with relatives in

parts all using it and I like it!

My broadband is sent around the house wirelessly on a Belkin 54g wireless
setup though I do have the option to utilise a couple of RJ45 sockets if
needs be. I have no additional access points as I don't need them.

If someone can work out what I'm trying to explain and has knowledge of

it CAN work as required - I'd be very grateful for their advice!



Did you establish that the second base unit/handset works on the normal
If you tried to use the same handset(s) on the second base unit as the main
then you will hit problems. The handset needs to be able to select the base
remotely, not many can do this. Generally, the older the DECT unit the
the chance of achieving what you want.