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Default UK Dial plan

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In uk.telecom Andrew Gabriel wrote:
[2-9]xxxxx local (in 01234, etc areas)
[2-9]xxxxxx local (in 0207, 0118, etc. areas)

1. Didn't think any local numbers were supposed to start with 9... unless
anyone here knows different?

The 9 has been used as extra number space since the withdrawal
of local area dialing codes. Actually Reading (0118) is a good
example -- all Reading 01734 numbers were prefixed with a 9
when Reading changed to 0118, so at that point, all local
Reading numbers started with a 9 (except for those Reading
numbers which had been temporarily allocated starting with
a '0' because 01734 had completely run out, as you mentioned

2. For 0207 - surely you mean 020 with 8 local digits (relevant when
you block out initial 0, 1, 9 digits from the local part)?

Oops, yes. I should have known better.

3. What about these sneaky termination numbers such as 0118 0nn nnnn,
which I suppose someone might want to dial, but have to be treated a
All Figure Numbers?

My dial plan doesn't prevent dialling those, but you have to dial
0118 first, just the same as if you call Reading numbers starting '0'
from within Reading.

So applying Chris, Jet, and David's corrections, I now have...

999 emergency
1xx. 112, 151, 141..., 1471..., etc.
0[12]xxxxxxxxx STD with max local digits
01xxxxxxxx 01234 etc, with 5 digit local
07xxxxxxxxx mobile, personal
[2-9]xxxx local (in 01234, etc areas with 5 digit local)
[2-9]xxxxx local (in 01234, etc areas with 6 digit local)
[2-9]xxxxxx local (in 0118, etc areas)
[378]xxxxxxx local (in 020 area).
0[589]x. Various things like 0500... and others I don't know
00x. international
[*#]x. network services

Andrew Gabriel