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Default UK Dial plan

In message of Fri, 1 Jul 2005, Andrew Gabriel writes

So applying Chris, Jet, and David's corrections, I now have...

Can't understand the need for all this, but:

0[12]xxxxxxxxx STD with max local digits
01xxxxxxxx 01234 etc, with 5 digit local

Will there be a contradiction here? Why don't you simply use 0[12]x.

[2-9]xxxx local (in 01234, etc areas with 5 digit local)
[2-9]xxxxx local (in 01234, etc areas with 6 digit local)
[2-9]xxxxxx local (in 0118, etc areas)

Similarly with these, why not [2-9]x.

[378]xxxxxxx local (in 020 area).

What about other 02n areas?

Why make it so complicated?