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Default stress!

Maybe the following might help some poor soul troubleshoot their VOIP setup.

At the office
belkin router / budgetone 102 / sipgate account
today i picked up the phone in my office to find there was no dial tone.
needless to say, i couldnt make a call.
tried my puter and internet access was fine.
messed round for AGES and then i tried something that worked.
my belkin 7630 adsl modem is at and my phone is on
the DMZ is set to and it has been working fine since i bought
the phone.
I changed the DMZ to (i.e. something other than it was) and
applied it.. still no dial tone.. changed it back to .52 and dial tone
I tried dial tone immediately before and after this course of action so i
know this is what fixed it.
the solution took me at least an hour of checkin / messin before i found it.
i dont think my router is faulty.. all i do know is this voip stuff is
stressin me.

At Home
Linksys Router / Budgetone 102 / voiptalk account
No dial tone when on static ip
yes dial tone when on DHCP with same settings
why? stress!

comments welcome.