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"Matthew Jones" wrote in message ...
Please help

I have a small peer-peer network set up between me & my neighbours (3 pcs in
total). These are all connected via a hub. My pc is running XP home and the
other 2 machines are running XP pro. The problem I have is that i cant
access shared folders on one of the xp pro machines cos it keeps asking me
for a username & password. However, the same xp pro pc is able to view &
share my files without the hindrance of a username & password box appearing.
Does anyone have any idea on how to get over this?
Also when I use windows explorer or "my network places" to view the pcs on
the network it takes about a minute or so for all pcs to appear on the
screen. is this normal or is there anything I can do to speed up this


Have the three PCs got different network names?

Have all three got WINS and DNS naming systems disabled?

Has the XPpro you can't access got the "Guest" account enabled?

Are its shared folders open to Guest?

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