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Default Wireless Newbie - Quick question!

BRG wrote:
"Zipper" oocom
wrote in :

You would only need a hub if you are
going outside the distance that the wireless cards can work over
(i.e. to extend the range).

Eh? Does not compute, please explain.

As I said I'm also a newbie but I thought that you can link between two pc's
wirelessly in two ways, the first being direct (ad hoc? i think its called)
and the other through the hub. So if you were linking thru the hub could/
would this not increase the distance apart the two pc's could be as you
would have only to link to the hub and then the hub links to the next pc.
This is just what I understood when reading up on this, maybe I should read
a bit more closely? If it's wrong can you explain where?