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There is a piece of software called "Get Right," shareware, that allows you
when placed on each machine to regulate the downloading speed individually.
Must be set from each machine. It is like an IE plug-in that is activated
when you download from a site if you are using IE. It doesn't intervene
when viewing regular web pages, but then that downloading is normally
intermittent and speed is less important.

"Derek" wrote in message
I am running a 4 PC network (xp pro) with a central file server.
All access the internet via a ADSL router which is stand alone.

I have a 2mbit Internet connection and I would like to share the
bandwidth evenly between the workstations and server. so in effect
each PC gets a 512kbps connection. At the moment if someone
downloads a large file it hogs the Internet connection, slowing
all the others down.

Is there a bit of software that will allow me to do this, preferably
some software that is centralised, but not too fussed if it is not.