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Default DACS on the line

"TheOldFellow" wrote in message
After waiting for Plusnet to clear Direct Debit mandates etc, and then
instruct BT (nearly a month from order) they attempted connection on
Tuesday, only to find that BT Openreach have a DACS on the line. They
are now saying that the 'with planning review on the 29th May'. Does
this mean that they expect to remove the DACS on the 29th, or that they
plan to have a little review meeting about it, wait another age, and
finally say: 'sorry we can't do broadband on that line'.

Since Plusnet, Openreach and BT are all one company, couldn't they 'see'
that there was a DACS on the line when the order was accepted?

In theory, BT keeps records to show where a DACS is installed. With the
handover to BT Openreach such information has probably been lost.

However, the "planning review" will work out whether they can re-allocate a
spare pair, and when they can do it. If re-allcation is possible, it may
take several weeks. It may fail totally because of "lack of available line
plant". If you already have one phone line into the premises then BT will
go no further.

Asking for an additional phone line will then also fail because BT's
"universal service obligation" is limited to providing only one phone line
per household. Your only solution is then to persuade a neighbour who does
not currently have a landline service from BT to apply for one; so this
triggers the installation of more "line plant" - from which it should then
be possible to allocate you a non-DACS pair.

I think BT allow themselves to spend up to 1000 on capital work to provide
ADSL to a given customer.

-- Graham J