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Default DACS on the line

On Thu, 22 May 2008 19:03:04 +0100, Jono scribbled:

TheOldFellow formulated the question :
are now saying that the 'with planning review on the 29th May'. Does
this mean that they expect to remove the DACS on the 29th, or that they
plan to have a little review meeting about it, wait another age, and
finally say: 'sorry we can't do broadband on that line'.

They're unlikely to ever say 'sorry we can't do broadband on that line'
however, the review for the 29 May could easily then change mid-June,
then end of June etc etc. Hopefully you'll be lucky, as many are.

The worst one I dealt with took 14 months from order to going live.

The good thing, though, is that if you do get a confirmed date & they
actually remove the DACS, then broadband should, theoretically, start
working immediately after.

I hate to say it as telling the truth never wins you any friends, but in
many of these cases it comes down to the bloody mindedness of field
engineers. 'I'm not trained on DACS', 'I can't get a pair there', 'I
can't jumper' and all that malarky. Eventually after 10 engineers have
cut and run on it, you may get one turn up and find that it just requires
time. Not all engineers and areas are bad, I think the ratio is 'for one
good hardworking engineer there are 14 lazy crap ones'

Here is the odd thing; When they were on SMT -aka- FRS bonus schemes they
seemed to be able to do anything. (at a cost to the network. . .)

Like Jono says, it is unlikely that they won't be able to remove it - but
you may be the exception. Look on the bright side, at least you have a
high speed digital line at the moment ;-)

The funny thing is