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Default BT Yahoo - hopeless authentification

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Mark Clayton writes
Roughly every month BT Yahoo! decides that my password needs changing.
Usually if I happen to access my email while out and about and not
from my own BT broadband connection.

This is nuisance as I have to update the settings on my PC, tablet and

Last night I had to change it four times in fifteen minutes. What a

When are BT finally going to get a decree absolute from Yahoo! and its
hopeless servers?

My understanding is that this happens if there is an attempt to log in
to the account from two different machines simultaneously.

If your tablet or phone is set to automatically pull mail and does so
when you are already logged in using one of the other devices it will
trigger this behaviour. I had this problem with a friend after she got
an iPad last Christmas and someone set it up to be permanently watching
for mail even when apparently "off" as far as she was concerned. Each
time she logged on using her desktop she ended up having to reset her

Sensible in the olden days - not really sensible in today's multi-device
world - but to avoid it ensure that the other devices are switched off
- or using manual pull - when you go online.

Total misconception. There are people with multiple devices that never
see the problem (myself included) and others with just one device that
do have the problem.

I get the problem from time to time but I've never changed my password -
sorry yes I did the first time. Now I just leave it with my e-mail
client retrying regularly and eventually it goes away