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Default Estimating ADSL & VDSL Speeds From Given Distances

On Wed, 16 Nov 2016 15:25:57 +0000, Andy Burns wrote:

Java Jive wrote:

I have been informed that our locality is not going to get FTTC during
the imminent local exchange rollout of it, so I am putting together a
case for bringing FTTC to us.

Not to discourage you but ...

I was speaking to friend last night who left school at 16 to apprentice
with BT and 35 years later still works "on the tools" for them. He says
he often encounters situations where e.g. there's a 100 or 200 pair
cable into a village that gets the VDSL treatment, and then an extra 20
pair cable, serving a handful of houses that is left behind on ADSL,
this can be awkward when neighbours are on different cables.

He's been told off for explaining to frustrated users that all it would
take is the will to install an extra few feet of cable from a pole
carrying the smaller cable to the VDSL cabinet and back, and encouraging
the locals to encourage their county broadband scheme to fund this work.

The planners have planned it and they don't want "helpful" suggestions
like that after it's been installed!

BT certainly don't want to alter their wiring just because developments
have taken place since installation.
At the top of my road is a parade of shops dating from the 1930s, with
a few older cottages opposite them. The shops are fed from underground,
the cottages are fed from a the last of a line of poles which are by the
service road to the front of the shops - from the same cabinet. I guess
the cottages were connected to the phone network before the shops were
Someone drove their car into one of the poles and broke it off at bumper
height, so Openreach came to replace the pole and then rewire the line
of poles. Would it have been sensible to ditch the line of poles and
just feed the cottages from one pole wired to the same underground feed
as the shops ? Perhaps, but it would have meant changing a diagram, so
we'll just rewire it as it was before.