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Default For dedicated fans of broadband speed checkers ...

In article , Andy Burns
scribeth thus
Adrian Caspersz wrote:

It doesn't need flash, which is a good start. The actual line rate
reported by my modem is 77.4 Mbps / 19.9 Mbps

Considering my ISP sets an IP profile at 96.mumble% of line rate, I
don't know whether the tester measures IP rate, or TCP rate, and I did
the test over WiFi rather than Ethernet, the result is not a million
miles off ...

Download 66.7 Mbps
Upload 18.6 Mbps
Latency 19.3 ms

Humm FWIW..

Download 219 Mbps

Upload 12.1 Mbps

Latency 14.8 ms

Tony Sayer