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Default sipgate lack of ringing tone

On Wed, 15 Feb 2017 21:49:51 +0000, Andy Burns

When calling a sipgate number from a PSTN line I hear ringing tone while
waiting for the call to be answered, but when calling the same number
from a mobile (Tesco/O2), there is only silence until the call is
answered. The called VOIP phone is ringing in both cases, with no
issues of one-way audio when the calls are answered.

It seems this may be due to sipgate sending the ringing tone as "early
media" before the call is answered, is this sipgate's problem or the
mobile network's problem? Any settings that can influence it, or maybe
just use a different VOIP provider?

I would have thought it was normal to send ringback as early media,
otherwise the call would be treated as answered and chargable while it
was still ringing.