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Default sipgate lack of ringing tone

On 15/02/2017 23:20, Andy Burns wrote:
Allan wrote:

I've just rung my sipgate VOIP phone from my T-Mobile (EE) mobile and
when the VOIP phone rings and I can also hear it ringing on the mobile
handset at the same time.

Thanks for testing.

I've been experimenting and the lack of ringing tone when calling from
the mobile seems due to the bluetooth connection to the gigaset, if I
turn that off, I do hear the ringback when calling from the mobile.

In fact experimenting further, during the ringing phase, on the mobile I
get the choice for the audio to go to bluetooth (which will send it to
the gigaset and therefore I don't hear it) or earpiece or speaker on the
mobile, both of which work, but it seems to default to first option if
bluetooth is enabled.

I have exactly the same Tesco/Sipgate/Gigaset and Bluetooth.
Today I'm getting ringing all the time, Bluetooth on and off. I would be
surprised if Bluetooth made a difference.

Ringing will be to do with the SIP protocol. You could put wireshark or
some other monitor on the line to see what the Gigaset is actually sending.

In the many years I have had this setup I have noticed sometimes it
doesn't ring. I've never investigated, I have no idea why, it seems to
be random.