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Default Sipgate postal address authentication

In the last week or so Sipgate have introduced a requirement for newly
created accounts, in addition to the normal email activation link,
they must now be activated with a code sent by post, to the address
registered for 999 purposes.
You cannot make or receive calls until you receive and submit the

Providing Sipgate an address for Emergency Services has been necessary
for some time now, and a few hours after registering your account you
got a "Your emergency address has been accepted", but other than check
the street address matches the postcode it's hard to guess what they
check for.

I wonder if some ambulances and fire appliances have been dispatched
to addresses that have no idea who made the call?
Made up addresses invented for no other reason than to obtain multiple

AIUI registering an address for Emergency Services with a VoIP account
is an OFCOM requirement, but Sipgate is a German company, so why are
they so keen to comply? Dellmont is a Luxemburg outfit and they don't
route emergency calls, come to that neither do Skype, and that has
offered calls into and out of the PSTN for years.

Not to mention the fact that many VoIP devices are used away from the
home address, that's largely the whole point of them!

Someone explain it to me, because I'm confused.