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Default Bhtee still running around with fake fibre advertising

R. Mark Clayton wrote:

R. Mark Clayton wrote:

Bhtee still running around with fake fibre advertising

Bhtee the fibbing losers are still brandishing fake fibre
branding on their vans when in fact all they sell is
fake fibre FTTC products where the last mile is just
copper. This despite an ASA investigation into fake fibre
claims at the expense of genuine FTTH and FTTP providers.

Obviously Bhtee marketing likes taking their magic mushrooms
enough to risk fine after fine for unfair competition.

Even the G.Fast is G.Slow in reality because
its all copper and super expensive waste of everyone's
time because its slow copper compared to fibre
and fibre can easily upgrade to 10 Gbit
in no time by swapping the SFP module while G.Slow cannot.

Hyperoptic to B4N easily deliver 1 gigabit symmetric internet
with their more advanced fibre networks for under 50.
And 3% of the UK has this technology.

Something no one in Bhtee can ever do by 2020.


Or you by 2050.

Are you sure? I already install fibre kit in my house.

Yes I am sure - you could not even install fibre in a commercial premises
(who might make genuine use of gigabit Ethernet)

There goes a troll about to define what a genuine use of gigabit Ethernet

Previously tried to define what 100k broadband genuine use is with
a 9600 baud modem in hand.

Proof birth control doesn't work on trolls.

where a fibre cable
passes a metre away in the street outside - I checked remember...

I go outside with fibre in hand gwaking at the chuper fast fibre telecum
vans and hail them down to give a connection and everybody
just stare and run away.