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Default ADSL/VDSL routers - are they all total rubbish?

Chris Green wrote:
Graham J wrote:
Chris Green wrote:

Can anyone recommend a VDSL2/FTTC router which has a firewall that
works and doesn't cost an arm and a leg?

Retain your V2820n and configure the Plusnet device as a dumb VDSL
modem, connected to WAN2 on the Vigor. If the Plusnet device can't be
configured as a dumb modem, buy a Vigor 130 see:

Well, sort of possible but I'm not too keen on this solution for a
couple of reasons:-

The 2820n has just one Gigabit port so connections 'across' it
will be only 100Mb/s. I realise this won't affect the FTTC speed
as that's less than 100Mb/s but it's a nuisance.

As a consequence of the above I'd want to have another switch
between the 2820n and most of my LAN devices, which then means I
have *three* boxes connecting me to the internet. It'll work but
it is messy and will cost more in electricity.

All the available options will cost you a little!

My quess is that you have more devices than the available 4 ports on the
2820n so you need a switch anyway. It's particularly worth using
Ethernet cables rather than WiFi wherever possible, for reliability and

Further, I think it's quite unlikely that anything you have will
saturate a 100Mbits/sec link for long enough to be inconvenient, so I'm
sure the 2820n will meet your needs.

Graham J