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Chris Green
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Default ADSL/VDSL routers - are they all total rubbish?

Java Jive wrote:
On Mon, 19 Jun 2017 09:48:12 +0100, Chris Green wrote:

Graham J wrote:

Retain your V2820n and configure the Plusnet device as a dumb VDSL
modem, connected to WAN2 on the Vigor. If the Plusnet device can't be
configured as a dumb modem, buy a Vigor 130 see:

Well, sort of possible but I'm not too keen on this solution for a
couple of reasons:-

The 2820n has just one Gigabit port so connections 'across' it
will be only 100Mb/s. I realise this won't affect the FTTC speed
as that's less than 100Mb/s but it's a nuisance.

Paul's suggestion doesn't alter anything on the LAN side of your
DrayTek, so that must be a problem with your current setup as well! If
you're replacing the router not just because it's ADSL but also
because it has only one Gb port, then it might have been an idea to
say so up front.

You either have to replace the router with one that has all Gb LAN
ports, or buy a Gb switch. Accept it and move on.

The following 8-port Gb switch is only 17 and 4.5W

I think you could see from the full thread that I *do* already have a
Gigabit switch 'LAN side' of the router, but I use more than the 8
ports that has so having Gigabit on the router as well would be handy.

The other issue with using the 2820n is adding complexity for no real
gain (except the functional firewall of course). I prefer to keep
things as simple as possible always, I have enough trouble already
keeping tabs on all the Cat5e wires snaking around my study. :-)

Chris Green