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Default ADSL/VDSL routers - are they all total rubbish?

Chris Green wrote:

How difficult are the required hardware

Piggle the case open with two or three spudgers

Solder four fine wires to solder pads (they don't need to be pretty,
aren't especially close to other pads, once you've uploaded the firmware
over serial, their job is done (future upgrades are over ethernet/wifi)

I have looked at the LEDE site but it's not
*incredibly* clear what one needs to do.

I can provide a good summary and better photos than the website.

I have installed OpenWrt on a router so know the basics, however I
just needed to rig up a serial lead to do that, the router (Mikrotik)
had a serial port already.

Make sure the USB/TTL serial dongle you have is 3.3V not 5.0V