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Default BT and Openroach Lies about leased line?

On Tuesday, 4 July 2017 17:50:16 UTC+1, 7 wrote:
BT and Openroach Lies about leased line?

BT (British Telecum) with biggest thieving
of public purse Deutch Telecum owner of BT following
the same corrupt practices as they do in
Germany with the least best telecum network
in EU, have for years been milking UK plc with
fake leased line invoicing.

Whenever they sell you a lease line, they claim
to be blowing a fibre all the way from
the exchange to you.

Is this anywhere near true?

They installed fibre near me in 2009, I had a report and I saw them do it. Of course they installed a multi-fibre line, in the same way they over provision copper to provide spares.

Most new build has phone wiring in it supplied and subsidised by BT. When a new owner requests service they hook it up and charge him / her the installation fee.

So to answer your question - there will be a line / fibre between the two points you are paying for - so it is true. Did they blow it after receipt of your order - probably not, but they did blow it sometime.