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Default BT and Openroach Lies about leased line?

Paul Cummins wrote:

BT (British Telecum) with biggest thieving
of public purse Deutch Telecum owner of BT following
the same corrupt practices as they do in

BT Group confirmation statement shows that Deutsche Telecom have no
controlling interest in BT whatsoever.

More lies from the spanmming schoolchild.

Spammer lies from Bhtee/Deutch telecum paid spammers more like.

The biggest shareholder = controlling interest.
In large company unless numerous other
share holders can clam together to block something,
whatever the controlling interest says is what goes.
And the larger controlling interests can also gang up
with other large shareholders to show even more force
to get what they want - even if they didn't
publicly demand it openly.

Its no coincidence British Telecum and Deutche Telecum
are some of the worlds least performing most expensive
internet providers charging the highest prices for
the least efficient service delivery commanding highest
profits and still reliant on end equipment that is copper
when the entire world has switched to fibre infrastructure
and moving on to 400 gbit back bone and supply
1 gbit as standard for under 30 symmetric DSL.

The quicker BT and DT are dismantled, the quicker
Europe will move on and get best internet.

BT and Openroach Lies about leased line?

BT (British Telecum) with biggest thieving
of public purse Deutch Telecum owner of BT following
the same corrupt practices as they do in
Germany with the least best telecum network
in EU, have for years been milking UK plc with
fake leased line invoicing.

Whenever they sell you a lease line, they claim
to be blowing a fibre all the way from
the exchange to you.

Is this anywhere near true?

Highly unlikely - almost all the infrastructure
network is fibre. So they just add a splitter
or splice a cable from nearest fibre to your

They most certainly have not blown a fibre
from exchange to your premises, so they are not
entitled to invoice you for the short distance
that they are cabling you up with.

It needs to be crystal clear in the invoice what
exactly a site survey has found and what exactly
you are being invoiced for otherwise
it is fake and fraud, and the management that
promotes this as well as all the Offconn trolls
that allow this need to all face a judge and
explain what it is they do that is different
from defrauding the public with bold green lies.

The second part of the fraud is that in a pure
fibre network, there is nothing to distinguish
a broadband connection from a leased line.
It is all merely router settings.

The bulk of the entire UK infrastructure is fibre
and so there is no way to claim that you are being
supplied a dedicated leased line. It is mis-selling
on a massive fraudulent scale.

You are not being sold a dedicated line. What you
are being sold is a dedicated bandwidth on a shared
fibre optic line.

This needs to be clear in the invoicing.

Even if you stuck copper equipment at the end of it,
(which does not make sense - it is intentionally
designed to pull wool over everyone's eyes), you are
still duty bound to explain that what you are being
sold is not copper, but a fibre modem with
a copper service at the other end of it.

So you should be able to opt out of not receiving
the copper and just stick with the fibre connection
directly - which is infinitely cheaper.

Again the invoicing needs to make clear exactly
what you are paying for, for accounting purposes,
and as a customer, you
should have the right to refuse the copper equipment
and only purchase the fibre modem.

In which case, looking through the BT accounts,
anyone will be be able to determine a fee of
6000 for installation and 6000 per annum
for 100mbits symmetric line is complete
rip off - and needs to be paid back to customers.

1. No dedicated line has been run for you
2. No dedicated equipment exists for your line
3. They are all just router settings on a fibre modem network
4. What you paid for was copper at the end of fibre network.

Your total install costs should not exceed 250.
Your total fibre 'dedicated' 'leased' 'line' is
a fcking lie and worth less than 20 a month.

If it a 1 gigabit line, the provisioning costs are
still 250 per line, and less than 50 a month rental.

BT (British Telecum) No Fibre Availability - To The Premises 2020

Some 2 million people in Paris has FTTP.

Sacra Blearghh!!!

Only about 800,000 home in entire UK has FTTP
and the all been supplied by the likes of Hyperoptic, Gigaclear,
B4RN pure fibre companies. They can't keep up with demand.
In London alone some 8 million people in a concentrated
spot for FTTP and offconn will deny them all this?!
The fscking retards should be outed.

These fibre connections are symmetric 1 gigabit
(equal upload and download speed) internet good
for uploading big videos and photo albums to friends
and winder internet as well as many people use it at the same
time watching streaming TV and esports.

The majority of youf just use streaming and esports only.

They have no care of old formats like ad filled teevee
that spends 20 minutes on adverts and 40 minutes programming per hour
or stupid ball dribbling spurts like football.
Nowadays I press mute on all ads across every media.
It ain't gonna work ever no matter what marketing trolls
are comforting themselves with because they have exceeded all
bounds of tolerance.
Its all an annoying grand dad tech
dying and dead market with zero interest.

In esports you can participate in sport which means high upload
speed, or no participation / less effective participation.
In streaming TV you got tens of
thousands of channels in all languages. While grand dad tech teevee
just has looped video with 1 month recycle loops. Wow. You must
be brain dead to watch these loops.

Despite all these changes none of the incumbents are ready
to roll out 1 gbit FTTP by 2020 for under 50 a month
because none of them can use even 1% of the infrastructure
they commission with their crap ideas about content.

Did BT (British Telecum) to VM abuse Connected Voucher Scheme?

Up to 3000 per connection was given away by government
to the big telecum companies to install their expensive
internet data line claiming 100,000 per km fake copper price
when it was less than 5k per km actual price with fibre.

Firstly, is British Telecum full of British Engineers
and British Salesmen? This isn't cricket. Definitely not
their cricket pitch. Inflate something by 5% not
a bad way to earn a quick buck, but inflate it x20
is corruption, graft, greed and not British.
It has to rely on externally supplied push from trolls
who don't stand to be prosecuted.

At an average cost of 250 per connection with fibre
(really it should be less - if including splitters
use to connect up blocks of houses), the benefit
should have gone to 400,000 businesses.
Instead it went to 40,000 businesses - a clear
rip off with an average price of 2500 per install.

This money needs to be returned and people
prosecuted for theft from public purse.

Alternatively, they can atone for their sins
by installing next 800,000 premises at
a discounted connection fee of 100 per
premises with 1 gbit symmetric internet,
waiting several years to get the full
cost refund (if there is need for such a thing)
by charging under 50 per month
for the service as punishment.

Fscking Openroach plans more copper krone tool master bation nation

Waat the fsck is going on inside Bhtee Openroach now???

It has long been decided by telecum industry that
everything will now be fibre with no electric cables in
the ground and no repeaters.

Instead of 100,000 per km, the cost is now 5k per km.

Instead of taking months and years to lay down ducts,
a small team can lay down a km every two to 3 days.

And instead of laying down a few cables, you can
lay down 192 core at $1 per meter, to thousands
between villages and towns without repeaters.

Small 5G modems are coming in and they are going
to be inserted into every other lamp post
and connected directly by fibre to the main
building where all the fibres arrive.

No more telecum masts, no more telecum poles,
no more loss of coverage in villages to underground.

All the routers are custom made with FPGA
on 100Gbit back bone.

But Bhtee Offconn Openroach plan is to continue
installing more copper and muck it all up
and continue to charge 6k per 1Gbit line while
3% of the UK is already on 1gbit fibre for
under 50 a month.

At this rate, no one from Bhtee, Offconn, VM, Openroach
will be offering 1gbit symmetric (equal
upload and download speed) internet service as standard
by 2020.

So waat the fsck did they do with all that public
money given to them? Did they all collectively
lie to government and to the tax payers?

Gigabit fibreoptic routers easy to make with FPGA boards

You can make your own routers for fibre optics with
open source designs and software or pay 30,000 per router.

If you make own routers, then you just hire an FPGA
engineer and 6 months later you got your own designs
and own networks to scale rapidly.

Scaling the fibre optic business is the most important
thing because it costs less than 250 per household to install
fibre optics so if you are charging around 50 per
month for gigabit symmetric fibre link, then its paid for
within 6 months and you can move on to pure profit in
no time.

Even a micro trench 100mm wide can push thousands of fibres
through a route and so its no longer necessary
to worry about how to connect up villages and towns because
the repeaters can be between 20km to 50km away. And if you
bring it into a building, the optical splitters can
split a beam into 64 separate beams for $80.

192 core cables about $1 per meter:

So easily cover a large estate in no time.

It makes you wonder how Bhtee VM and Offconn all lied
to government to get far more funding than they
need for the few services they installed
to service a 180 Billion pound market
comprised of traders and companies in the UK that
rely on the Internet to be working every day
to earn a day's work and pay wages.

The whole bhtee, offconn, openroach, VM, etc infrastructure
needs to be dismantled and sold off and replaced with pure fibre
companies. They already cable up 3% of UK, and only they
need the real funding to get the real work done.

Did Bhtee and Offconn lie to government about fibre prices?

The beelllions earmarked for broadband, particularly rural
broadband doesn't make sense.

Did Bhtee and Offconn and the big telco's collude
and lie to UK Government?

It costs average less than 250 per household to wire
it with symmetric 1 gigabit fibre and if you make your
own FPGA routers as big telecom companies must, then
the entire infrastructure costs for providing
the data transport are pennies.

So for 26 million households, the entire bill
for cabling it up is 6.5 billion pounds.
At 50 per household, the entire thing is paid
for in 6 months.

But the government has earmarked billions for telecom
and have gotten nothing out of it so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fibre ducts are typically 100mm wide a laid may
be 200mm below the surface in minimal dig and install
operation and a small team can cover several kilometers
in a week because fibre does not carry electricity
and repeaters can be 20km to 50km away.
Easily less than 5000 per km and averaging out
to around 100 to 250 per household.

This is nothing like laying a copper
cable, where a duct needs to be erected to protect
the electric cable, and repeaters are needed
every few hundred meters costing 100,000 per km.

So did Bhtee and Offconn and the big telco's collude
and lie to UK Government about laying the fibre
network by using copper [email protected]????????????????

Obviously the fscking retards at offconn to Bhtee
and encumbants like VM have all colluded and lied
systematically to government
and to rural communities about the true costs of cabling up
everyone with gigabit symmetric fibre.

Particularly in rural communities where they are sticking
up poles illegally to hold them up from getting fibre
which doesn't need poles, and doesn't need repeaters
and kilometers of it can be laid in a week by small teams
digging 100mm wide trenches 200mm deep.

Paris gets FTTH to all its 2 million inhabitants - Nothing for London

Sacra bleau!

Paris now has over 2 million FTTH 1 gigabit symmetric DSL (equal upload
and download speed) but London has NOTHING.

A big thank you goes out to *FSCKTARDS* at offconn for being
the vehicle for this.

We need names in front of TV instead fcktards going into hiding and
get out there explaining why Londoners (all 7 million of them, more than
UK population concentrated into one place) cannot have their
FTTH 1 gigabit symmetric DSL connection with equal upload and
download speeds starting at 30 per month to 50 per month
while 3% of the country already has it from the likes of
B4RN, Hyperoptic, Gigaclear, FibreCity etc., and other countries
and big cities like Paris that are competitors have fully cabled up FTTH.
In Sweden you got 30 providers per city while there are zero
providers in London.

So why can't these fsktards at offconn resign and let some
other authority be set up to that are pro-fibre and let Londoners
have fibre to the home?

It pushes up the value of London by at leas 2 billion pounds.
And each and every city can add the same value now that
we are brex****ting and have to have this technology to be

All it requires is some trolls to be spanked and sacked in
Offconn, and replaced with pro-fibre interest commercial
managers and bob is your uncle - value of UK goes up by
at least 50 billion when 25 cities and towns get cabled up
with fibre.

Bhtee VM accidentally leak their FTTP equipment prices


So I'm setting up BhteeVM_Leeks_Web**** web with retail price
list for these items (wholesale cheaper):

64 way splitter $85 -

fibre - --$375/km

cleaver -$62-

sleeves - 5 cents -

gigabit transceiver: 20km/1000BASE-LX - $17

The best way to build routers is to hire FPGA engineers and build the
yourself from FPGA
and scale up rapidly
by building copies of own boards.

Otherwise have to purchase say a Cisco router upward 30,000.
Instead pay FPGA engineer 60,000 for 6 months to create as many FPGA boards
as you need for routers.

Examples of what can be done: