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Default BT and Openroach Lies about leased line?

On Friday, 7 July 2017 00:58:33 UTC+1, 7 wrote:
Paul Cummins wrote:

BT (British Telecum) with biggest thieving
of public purse Deutch Telecum owner of BT following
the same corrupt practices as they do in

BT Group confirmation statement shows that Deutsche Telecom have no
controlling interest in BT whatsoever.

More lies from the spanmming schoolchild.

Spammer lies from Bhtee/Deutch telecum paid spammers more like.

The biggest shareholder = controlling interest.

No it does not 50% means controlling interest.

You can insist on a director with less than 16.7%

Deutche Telecom are not listed as a [corporate] person with significant control in any of the BT Group companies and you are fantasising.

In large company unless numerous other
share holders can clam together to block something,

Indeed they have votes at general meetings.

whatever the controlling interest says is what goes.
And the larger controlling interests can also gang up
with other large shareholders to show even more force
to get what they want - even if they didn't
publicly demand it openly.

Indeed - like sacking useless directors.

Its no coincidence British Telecum and Deutche Telecum
are some of the worlds least performing most expensive
internet providers charging the highest prices for
the least efficient service delivery commanding highest
profits and still reliant on end equipment that is copper
when the entire world has switched to fibre infrastructure
and moving on to 400 gbit back bone and supply
1 gbit as standard for under 30 symmetric DSL.

The quicker BT and DT are dismantled, the quicker
Europe will move on and get best internet.

You just want to commercially exploit BT's assets without paying a fair price for them to make