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Default Newbie confusion over too many DHCP server and firewalls

On 11/07/17 14:53, Richard Treen wrote:
I've tried it turned off and turned on and it makes no immediate
difference to internet access quality or speed. I don't know if
there'll be other, longer term effects.

Well if internet speed is OK and your two DHCP servers aren't getting in
one another's way then I don't see that you've much to worry about right
now. I'd turn one of the DHCP servers off if I were you; if you're
bothered that the modem one is needed for something that's in there then
turn off the router one; but you say that it works OK with the modem one
turned off and that's what I'd do, personally, because it's untidy, and
untidiness in systems administration is never a good idea.

I have some plans to access my home system while I'm
travelling abroad

If I were you I'd think -- and plan -- extremely carefully before doing
that. For example, have a look at this:

It doesn't matter if you don't have a Linksys router of this kind; the
point I'm making is that for security you're depending on code that
someone else has written, and for consumer-grade kit the manufacturers
don't always have the funds to harden their router code properly.

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