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Default Newbie confusion over too many DHCP server and firewalls

On Tue, 11 Jul 2017 17:10:23 +0100, Henry Law

On 11/07/17 14:53, Richard Treen wrote:
I've tried it turned off and turned on and it makes no immediate
difference to internet access quality or speed. I don't know if
there'll be other, longer term effects.

Well if internet speed is OK and your two DHCP servers aren't getting in
one another's way then I don't see that you've much to worry about right
now. I'd turn one of the DHCP servers off if I were you; if you're
bothered that the modem one is needed for something that's in there then
turn off the router one; but you say that it works OK with the modem one
turned off and that's what I'd do, personally, because it's untidy, and
untidiness in systems administration is never a good idea.

Yes, that was my first concern, untidiness, because there are more
enough problems to keep me occupied already.
It seems that almost every new move, even the apparently simple ones,
brings up a batch of problems to deal with.
30 years of computing so far and still struggling with the details.

I have some plans to access my home system while I'm
travelling abroad

If I were you I'd think -- and plan -- extremely carefully before doing
that. For example, have a look at this:

Thanks, I read that with enough understanding to be horrified but not
quite enough to ensure future safety. So, once again my usual level of
expertise is available to deal with this one.

It doesn't matter if you don't have a Linksys router of this kind; the
point I'm making is that for security you're depending on code that
someone else has written, and for consumer-grade kit the manufacturers
don't always have the funds to harden their router code properly.

Now that Belkin has bought out Linksys the future will perhaps look
much rosier.

Maybe if I spend enough time struggling with the smaller problems the
big problems will be completely replaced by other big problems without
any intervention on my part at all.

Good job it's all such fun.

Richard Treen

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