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Default Swapping DSL routers

Quick sanity check: the way Openreach ISPs implement ADSL these days, is it
necessary to program the router with a username and password to authenticate
to the ISP, or is it entirely done by which line you're on?

Does the same apply for LLU ISPs?

For FTTC, do you still get given an Openreach VDSL modem, or is it
integrated now? If you change fibre ISP, do you keep the VDSL modem (with
any login credentials in the modem), or do you have any credentials to
program into a new router?

I'm trying to work out how feasible it is to 'plug and play' routers these
days, or whether you still have to dig into the settings before connecting.

(For the sake of this argument, assume I have a non-ISP-supplied router)