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Default Swapping DSL routers

"Graham J" wrote in message
For FTTC most ISPs will provide you with an appropriate router with
integrated modem, for the cost of postage. In the past the ISP could ask
Openreach to provide a modem as part of the service that the ISP bought
from Openreach, but I think the facility was dicontinued in February 2016.
Such a modem does not have any facility to be configured with the username
and password; it simply presents an Ethernet connection to the router, and
the router is configured with the username and password.

When I was called to a customer the other day to sort out an internet
connection problem I saw that TalkTalk had supplied their own wireless
router, with both ADSL and Ethernet inputs, and this was connected to a
BT-branded VDSL (fibre) modem. That's the first time I've seen a two-part
setup, presumably from the early days of the fibre rollout; everyone else
had had a single box (eg BT HomeHub 5) which is combined ADSL/VDSL modem and

We're with Plusnet and they supply a Plusnet-badged router (might be
Technicolour, or have they changed to SageCom now?) free of charge apart
from 5 P&P. I could have used it but decided to upgrade from my previous
TP-Link router to a later model of TP-Link that has VDSL as well as ADSL,
because it had useful features like port-forwarding (so we can access our
security cameras from the outside world when we are on holiday) and reserved
DHCP (ie the router still supplies an IP address by DHCP, but always the
same one for specified MAC addresses) which is needed for the security
cameras and our wireless printer.

Talking of Plusnet, they hard-code the username into the router - ie the one
that they sent to me had my username; the one they send to someone else will
have his username hard-coded.