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Default Swapping DSL routers

On 14 Jul 2017 23:43:14 +0100 (BST), Theo

Thanks all. So it sounds like any new connection is going to require the

a) knowing what the heck the login credentials are, since typically the ISP
doesn't tell you
b) knowing how to configure them in the router

Yes. You can't configure anything without knowing the required
configuration details. It's that or accept the defaults.

That's annoying. The reason I ask is that it's a pain these days to
reconfigure all the wifi devices you have when changing ISP. I had hoped
you could just move an existing router to a new connection, but it seems
not. The alternative is knowing how to change the new ISP's router's SSID
and key to match the existing one.

You can use a new wireless router on an existing connection, but
you'll have to configure it to the old router's settings if you don't
want to reconfigure everything that was wirelessly connected to it.

If you're actually talking about a combined modem/router, which is
often what people mean when they refer to a "router", you'll probably
have to reconfigure the modem section as well, though I have seen new
ADSL modems pick up the ADSL connection details automatically. I guess
it depends on the service, and the modem.

All of these happen when there's not enough internet connection to be able
to use a remote access tool, at least if there's no ethernet computer
accessible. I suppose a Raspberry Pi or something with an auto-connecting
VPN tunnel might be a worth a try.

Ideally you need something with an ethernet connection. It can be done
by wireless, but it's awkward. An ethernet-connected laptop running
any operating system will do, as long as it has a web browser.