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Default How many subnets in a typical McDonalds?

Andy Burns wrote:
Graham J wrote:

Adrian Caspersz wrote:

If I wander in there with n devices connected to their wifi, can the
interfaces talk to each other as well as the net?

A 32-bit subnet mask should solve the problem ...

But how's he going to control what subnet mask McDonalds issue to their

It's not MacDonalds that is the issue - it is his own DHCP server. He
needs one that is properly configureable so that IP addresses are issued
from a defined scope but with a 32-bit subnet mask. Unlikely he can do
that in a basic router, so he needs a proper DHCP server.

I don't know what MacDonalds do, but most PC or Mac devices need
something other than the TCP/IP stack to actually make themselves
visible to applications; and these are often disabled by default on
networks defined (by the user, usually by default) as public.

But ultimately network security is a matter for the user, not for the
provider of the internet connection.

-- Graham J