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Default How many subnets in a typical McDonalds?

On 16/07/17 22:26, Andy Burns wrote:
Graham J wrote:

Adrian Caspersz wrote:

If I wander in there with n devices connected to their wifi, can the
interfaces talk to each other as well as the net?

A 32-bit subnet mask should solve the problem ...

But how's he going to control what subnet mask McDonalds issue to their

Nope, that was a badly put example.

Mcdonalds would be giving each user a publicly allocated IP address. No
NAT and hence 32-bit mask.

I'm (cheapskate) using NAT from an single issued public IP address, and
trying to fit multiple users to that. So multiple subnets with a 30-bit
mask as I'll need the broadcast IP as well as the host/client.

(If I've understood this right..)

Adrian C