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Default How many subnets in a typical McDonalds?

On 16/07/17 22:08, Adrian Caspersz wrote:
If I wander in there with n devices connected to their wifi, can the
interfaces talk to each other as well as the net?

I'm hoping the answer is no... as I'm dreaming up a shared internet
facility trying to keep student users roughly isolated on a simple
switch (no VLAN support).

The small community centre for which I'm "IT manager" (who I manage
other than myself I'll leave as an exercise) has a Cisco small-business
router at the heart of the network. It supports multiple VLANs and in
the definition of each there's a tick box which enables or disables the
ability for any host on that VLAN to see any other. With that facility
enabled all that a visitor's phone or laptop, connected casually by
wifi, can see is the router itself for the purpose of connecting to the

Would that facility meet your need?

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