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Default How many subnets in a typical McDonalds?

On 17/07/17 09:07, [email protected] wrote:
On 16/07/2017 22:08, Adrian Caspersz wrote:
If I wander in there with n devices connected to their wifi, can the
interfaces talk to each other as well as the net?

I'm hoping the answer is no... as I'm dreaming up a shared internet
facility trying to keep student users roughly isolated on a simple
switch (no VLAN support).

Current plan is multiple DHCP leases, all individually on their own
local lan subnets, each subnet connected to the internet but nowhere

Does anyone do an out-of-the-box software build for this DHCP that
runs on a rPI? Extra points if it has a nice GUI....

... or I'll have to sit down and script one for DNSmasq

Its virtually impossible to secure the wireless side.
You can make it more difficult but someone with the will and knowledge
can break it in a matter of seconds to hours depending on what you setup.

This is/was just a DHCP question for joining new clients. Actual media
unimportant, If I was using wireless I'd just use WPA2.

Wireless was mentioned as that's what McDonalds use for a public
service, and anyway their system is quite different to what I can
(can't) do with a domestic BT router and an unmanaged switch, and
distributed wireless access points and ethernet sockets.

With this particular client, unfortunately it will be pointless going
further. Think my cabling invoice is going south as well

Adrian C