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Default BT's DNS servers

I use BT Infinity 1 and I've been having problems with time-outs for
some weeks now. The connection speed is high and there are no drop-outs
as such when you finally get past the time-outs. I'm connected to the
router by ethernet cable. Test changes of (Windows 7) email clients and
browsers made no improvement, so I came to the conclusion it was BT's
DNS servers. I finally decided to change the settings only to find the
BT HomeHub has them "hardwired" in and you can't do it. I finally got
tired of waiting for them to do anything and changed to Google's DNS
servers in the Windows 7 network set up. It's a nuisance doing it that
way as I have to change each piece of kit separately - but the problem
vanished instantly.

Finally getting round to the question - is anyone else seeing this? It
seems odd that the community groups and Usenet aren't chock full of
complaining BT customers - but even more odd if I'm the only one with a
problem. I may, of course, be missing something obvious.

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