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Default BT's DNS servers

On 05/09/2017 7:25 pm, Graham J wrote:
Bob Henson wrote:
I use BT Infinity 1 and I've been having problems with time-outs for
some weeks now. The connection speed is high and there are no drop-outs
as such when you finally get past the time-outs. I'm connected to the
router by ethernet cable. Test changes of (Windows 7) email clients and
browsers made no improvement, so I came to the conclusion it was BT's
DNS servers. I finally decided to change the settings only to find the
BT HomeHub has them "hardwired" in and you can't do it. I finally got
tired of waiting for them to do anything and changed to Google's DNS
servers in the Windows 7 network set up. It's a nuisance doing it that
way as I have to change each piece of kit separately - but the problem
vanished instantly.

Finally getting round to the question - is anyone else seeing this? It
seems odd that the community groups and Usenet aren't chock full of
complaining BT customers - but even more odd if I'm the only one with a
problem. I may, of course, be missing something obvious.

BT change their DNS servers frequently, as a load balancing mechanism.
In theory if you reboot your router it will pick up the currently
correct values, but with FTTC it is otherwise generally sufficiently
reliable that rebooing every hour or so is not necessary. BT's practise
stems from the days of dial-up.

I tried rebooting, of course, but it had no effect. However, since I
wrote I've had one or two replies from the BT community forums which may
shed some light on the problem. The consensus is that it's a problem
with my router or the firmware thereof which is preventing the proper
functioning of the DNS system. That would explain why my workaround has
helped and why there aren't thousands of other customers all whingeing
simultaneously. Unless there are any other ideas before then, I may try
a factory reset tomorrow and if that fails ring them up and see if they
will send me another router. If not, I'll have to buy a good one and set
it up separately.

The only sensible solution is to migrate to another ISP.

That would be the last resort. Were it not for this problem, I'd have
nothing but praise for the setup - I got a very good deal from them,
renewed recently at the same good price for a second year. Connection
speeds are much faster than elsewhere for the same cash. We save a mint
with their half price mobile bills (and the best BT/EE mobile service by
some way) and the BT wifi is very useful - so I'd be loath to move. I'd
rather buy a new router - which I may have to do unless any other ideas
are forthcoming.

Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England

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