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On Fri, 8 Sep 2017 03:46:14 -0700 (PDT), "R. Mark Clayton"

Setup was just a matter of swapping plugs and then entering the new
wireless details into all connected devices,

easier to change the password in the router to be the same as the old one!

That would work, but then the wireless details would no longer match
the handy printed sticker and the handy pull-out tab provided with the
hub. Then there's the risk that a software update might make them
revert to factory defaults. I don't know if the BT hubs do this, but I
have seen it happen on similar equipment. If you're not available at
short notice to the user to correct issues like this, it's safest to
keep to defaults as much as possible.

. Wireless coverage was noticeably
better though, even just testing crudely by walking around the
premises and using on a phone. It really does seem to
have made a difference, and you may feel that this alone is worth
paying extra for - if it actually is extra (see above).


You can also improve wi-fi by getting a repeater. About 15.

Yes, and I have used these, but all-wireless repeaters reduce the
speed to a half. In this particular installation, I'd previously
installed an extension wireless access point fed through the mains
wiring using a pair of those ethernet homeplug devices. With the
superior wireless performance of the new superhub, it may be possible
to remove this, but I've left it in situ for the time being, pending
further investigation, and being bothered to do it.