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Default Fake fibre sold by VM BT Offconn Openroach no good for gaming andsocial media

On Monday, 11 September 2017 16:48:54 UTC+1, 7 wrote:
R. Mark Clayton wrote:

Fake fibre sold by VM BT Offconn Openroach no good for gaming and social


Gigaclear, Cityfibre and Hyperoptic have all complained to Advertising
Standards Authority (ASA), but they still no action since 2008.

BT (British Telecum) offers similar upload speed to VM on 200mbit
service, but neither come close to similar priced products
from Gigaclear, Cityfibre and Hyperoptic with up to 1 gbit upload
speed enough for gaming, fast social media uploads, and for
whole family to use at the same time without compromising each
other's Internet experience.

The City is being overcharged and conned as well.
Their entire infrastructure is being overcharged and crippled
by BT (Brititsh Telecum) and encumbants.
City trading is 1000% crippled by slow internet
because British Telecum and Openroach don't know how
to install fibre with FPGA routers.

You don't have to use BT in the City of London

Yea sure with BT (British Telecum) being the biggest
provider in the area.

If the incumbents were deregulated and told to pack up and get lost
with Hyperoptic B4RN Citifibre Venus Metronet etc
being allowed agnostic access to ducts, and seats
on all Offconn committees then your claims have some merit.

You mean market entrants being allowed to use established infrastructure for free and reap big profits as a result.

BTW Norweb Telecom (now part of Vodafone) laid fibre in a new trench to my then office in Manchester FoC over twenty years ago (although they just stuck an E1 optical concentrator on the end to give me ISDN).

How many trenches has Hype-er-optic paid for?