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Default BT [Yahoo!] servers screwed yet again

Just amuses me that it is always BT who get all the comments on
coverage whilst their competitors cherry-pick the profitable
areas but seem to get away without getting the same criticism.

Perhaps because BT inherited a nationwide duct and cable network when the GPO
was privatised at far less it's commercial value and is allowed to continue
using cheap telegraph poles and drop cables to serve premises.

Even today, the government has paid BT billions to subsidise broadband instead
of BT shareholders paying and the public is now expected to pay billions more
for USO.

Meanwhile the cable companies have to build new duct past every property they
wish to serve without any public subsidy. and is not allowed cables above
ground. I'm sure we all agree this makes much more pleasant streets than in
the USA with massive flying cable bundles, but it's not a level playing field.

The cable companies cherry picked areas just as BT does, declaring thousands of
exchanges unprofitable for commercial FTTC rollout, thus requiring BDUK