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Default No copper infrastructure in UK so why is BT (British Telecum)Openroach installing 10mbit copper?

On Tuesday, 26 December 2017 12:19:45 UTC, 7 wrote:
No copper infrastructure in UK so why is BT (British Telecum) Openroach installing 10mbit copper?

There is no physical infrastructure in UK for copper 10mbit services.

But BT (British Telecum) shiite investors, Pusnet, Openroach, Ski, Offcum et al,
all valued share holders in BT shiite for investor values
are only installing copper services at 20x expense.

How to provide a reasoned argument, not.

'Telecum', 'shiite', 'Pusnet', 'Openroach', 'Ski', 'Offcum', 'brex****', 'bhtee', 'master bation', 'Brex****ting', 'Transpurt', Londinstan', 'bwanks', 'Lards', Pooliticians', etc.

This shows a juvenile mind that has not yet connected with the real world.

If things were as simple as he says they would have been done already.