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Default No copper infrastructure in UK so why is BT (British Telecum) Openroach in

Paul Cummins wrote:

In article , (7)

So that's just 2.2 million people, so less than 1 million


So competitor to London now means 1 million addresses to you.

You are the one making the claim. Each time you state I am making the
claim, you are trolling.

Then you must read the original posts and see where it all went wrong for you troll:

Paris, nearest competitor to London has all its citizens on Fibre.

London 8.2 million residents.
Paris 2.2 million residents.

Not even comparable. Paris is smaller than Manchester!

Well it looks like competition to you means population numbers.

Good luck with that.

Read the original poast and weep if you must troll:

No copper infrastructure in UK so why is BT (British Telecum) Openroach installing 10mbit copper?

There is no physical infrastructure in UK for copper 10mbit services.

But BT (British Telecum) shiite investors, Pusnet, Openroach, Ski, Offcum et al,
all valued share holders in BT shiite for investor values
are only installing copper services at 20x expense.

The entire UK is run on fibre infrastructure.

At $14 per fibre modem, fibre is cheaper compared
to 20x more expensive copper equipment.

So why is BT shiite telecum investing in copper?

And why is openroach doing double blow jobs on
customer premises?

At $2 per meter for fibre optical cable with
several hundred cores, it is cheaper to install
fibre once, terminate and provision the service in one visit.

Instead openroach installs an empty tube in the time
it takes to install one fibre. And then spends double
time blowing fibre down empty tubes. That takes
double time and more space in the ducts than simply
cabling up once with several hundred fibres like
everyone else, terminating and lighting up
the cable from end to end on the same day.
But openroach project managers don't know how to do
that. Its takes two guys to cable, two guys to blow
fibres, several guys to terminate, test, liven,
and multiple visits to get it going.

To retrain all 33,000 openroach telecum engineers
to install fibre will take decades for brex**** plc.

The market for ducts is disfunctional.
Its better to confiscate all the ducts and give
it to an agnostic body that will charge according
to space usage. So if openroach install an empty
tube and blow one fibre into it with their
super thick management shiites running the show,
they will have to pay same cost as a startup installing several
hundred cores and charging customers a fraction of
the install cost.

Soon internet is to be right - not a luxury.
If it is to be a right, then you should be able to hire
your own cabler to install the cheapest
and approved fibre cable for you,
and then bill the duct owners which would then
have to be paid for by the ISPs equally.
That way monopoly double blow job openroach
won't have any business worth keeping their
engineers for. They can all migrate to the new
startups and be retrained more quickly to
more efficiently install fibre and get it working
on the same day as the install date.